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   We Are in a Care-Giving Crisis...

   ...and its not going to get better anytime soon!



You've heard the horror stories:

  • incompetence
  • trust issues
  • outright abuse!

Maybe you are wondering how you will care for your own loved ones...


Many find themselves in the dilemma of needing to make a terrifying decision: should I pay the bills?  Or pay for my loved one's care needs?


The Ultimate Caregiver is a new and innovative book that provides assistance on all the aspects of daily living and care giving.  It covers a massive amount of information, guiding you on everything there is to know about providing care for anyone, at anytime, in a gratifying and cost-effective manner.   We cover the entire spectrum of our massive care giving dilemma, providing solid answers for solving major problems facing today’s healthcare crisis.

The book is designed for individuals who intend to care for loved ones at home or in any facility, it will give you effective and timely solutions for the many problems facing healthcare needs today.  It will educate you and allow you to develop home health care skills, good judgment, and the common sense to play an active role in helping your loved ones with their healthcare needs. 

Tena L. Scallan